March 21, 2011

Featured BIM Software Solution - Detail Manager for Revit @adeptdev

Detail Manager for Revit
Wow…an add-on for Autodesk Revit software that allows you to instantly view all of your AutoCAD details in high resolution, quickly select multiple details to be linked / imported, and set all link/import properties for all details and drafting views within one property grid. The properties and settings are now applied to all details as you lay them out on sheets in the layout manager. Then with one click, Detail Manager for Revit creates all of the drafting views, and places all the drafting views on sheets. Save hours of time on just a few details!

How Does it Work?
Detail Manager browses your existing .dwg detail library from inside Revit, providing large, clear previews. When the desired details have been selected, Detail Manager allows you to set all of the properties for the linked / imported detail to be imported and the Revit drafting view. Each property can be set for one or multiple details all in one convenient grid. Now enter the sheet number and detail positions while using the sheet layout preview. Yes, you can lay out your sheets before ever creating a single view! Once the properties have been set and details positioned, one click links/imports all the selected details, sets all the properties, creates all the drafting views and arranges them on the sheets you’ve selected!

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