March 23, 2011

AutoCAD MEP 2012 - HVAC Ductwork - New Workflow!

Where did it go?
My name is Lana H. Gochenauer and I am an MEP Application Specialist at Ideate, Inc., and I’ve been using AutoCAD since 1989. There have been a lot of changes, upgrades and advancements over the years and this release is no different.

At first glance AutoCAD MEP 2012 looks familiar. But looks can be deceiving. This 2012 program has become streamlined. AutoCAD MEP has been the work horse in the MEP world for a long time. So the modifications we see are not as glamorous as Revit MEP 2012, but they are no less useful nor any less powerful in your day-to-day success.

In 2011 when placing duct you had a dialog box that opened and allowed you to set up your design criteria. In 2012 this dialog box is now integrated into the properties dialog box.

This will take a little time to get used to, but you’ll soon wonder how you ever worked without it.

In 2011 you had to go to the preferences button and select a fitting from a pull down that contained 7 different types. Now, each one of these have their own field in the properties dialog box, allowing for faster drafting of the design.

The New Run is now a button at the bottom of the properties dialog box.

Also, while placing the duct you now can use the detour routing command - allowing you to move around other elements to eliminate collisions while designing. This feature also cuts down on the amount of fittings used when avoiding a collision.

Take AutoCAD MEP 2012 for a test drive and experience these features that will soon be integral to your daily process.

For added collaboration don’t forget AutoCAD WS and the new ONLINE tab.

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Lana Gochenauer, LEED AP,
MEP Solutions Application Specialist

Lana has a wealth of real world experience, having used Autodesk products on projects from hospitals to universities, restaurants to corporate office headquarters, from strip malls to tenant fit-up. Most recently she focused on coordination drawings/models with MEP contractors, and fabrication from the model. Lana successfully ran her CAD business and worked as the CAD manager for an international MEP engineering firm in Seattle. Lana is a Certified Autodesk Trainer and NECA certified electrical estimator. Currently pursuing her MBA in Sustainability and based in the Ideate ATC in Seattle, Lana provides training and services for AutoCAD MEP, Autodesk Revit MEP and Autodesk Navisworks.

Get it. Know it. Use it.