September 30, 2010

Upgrade to Navisworks Manage

More and more often, firms using Autodesk Revit are adding a seat of Navisworks to keep their team in touch with their model and the work of their subs. This “must-have” software is saving firms thousands of dollars in re-work and legal money and making a better experience for all on the project team.

Autodesk is making it easy for firms with extra software licenses on the shelf to trade up for Navisworks Manage. From now through January 16, 2011, the Autodesk Navisworks Manage Upgrade promotion provides upgrade paths from:

  • AutoCAD Architecture
  • AutoCAD MEP
  • AutoCAD Map 3D
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Autodesk Revit Architecture
  • AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite
  • AutoCAD Revit Architecture Visualization Suite
  • Autodesk Revit Structure
  • AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite
  • AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite

Autodesk Subscription is required in order to receive promotional pricing under the Autodesk Navisworks Manage Upgrade promotion. If you have an active Subscription contract in place by August 6, 2010 for the product being upgraded from, you are not required to purchase additional Subscription.

And...discounts under this program can be combined with the Autodesk Training Voucher Promotion. (But cannot be combined with any other discounts, promotions or other incentives offered by Autodesk.)

Download the FAQ for additional details and contact today to learn how much you can save.

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September 29, 2010

2011 Autodesk Subscription Advantage Packs - Ready for Download!

Subscription Advantage Packs are now available for 2011 Autodesk products.

Bookmark this page which has a comprehensive list of links to the Advantage Packs in Subscription Center and a "Learn More" page for each one.

You'll want to click through to check out the great details and videos provided for the 2011 products. One of our favorites is...
Subscription Advantage Pack for Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011
Autodesk Revit Server Extension
More easily collaborate on projects with geographically dispersed teams. Web-based services help keep teams coordinated as they work on a single project from separate locations.

Autodesk Revit Conceptual Energy Analysis
Make informed early design decisions by better understanding the impact of proposed designs on sustainability. Convert concept models into energy models for analysis, and more quickly compare design options in Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2011 software.

Revit Extensions for Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011
Extend the capabilities of Revit Architecture 2011 in key areas, including modeling, coordination, and documentation.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 - Subscription Advantage Pack

The Autodesk Subscription Advantage Pack for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 is now available! Get new production and data access enhancements which will help you work more efficiently. It also includes new tools that extend the software to web and mobile platforms and enhance file sharing and conversion.

These great videos will tell you all about the updates.
Video 1: Production Enhancements - Work more efficiently with styles, point data, superelevations, and traverses.

Video 2: Autodesk FDO Provider for ArcGIS - Access more ESRI data, including personal, file, and ArcSDE-based geodatabases, with the new Autodesk Feature Data Object (FDO) Provider for ArcGIS.

Video 3: AutoCAD 2011 Products - Customers entitled to the Subscription Advantage Pack for AutoCAD Civil 3D also have access to the Subscription Advantage Pack for AutoCAD 2011 products. This additional Subscription Advantage Pack includes the AutoCAD WS plug-in for AutoCAD software, which enables you to view, edit, and share your DWG files seamlessly on web browsers or mobile devices. It also includes new tools for converting and sharing DWG and IGES files.
Download Your Subscription Advantage Pack
This Subscription Advantage Pack is available exclusively for Autodesk Subscription customers through download at the Autodesk Subscription Center or via the notifier in your product.

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AutoCAD WS - Download Available Now!

View, edit, share your DWG files from anywhere, with anyone. AutoCAD WS available now for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad...

September 27, 2010

Students: Autodesk Product Available for Free

You want to change the world.

Autodesk wants to see you do it.

Start the academic year off right by downloading 2011 Autodesk software that professional architects, engineers, and digital artists are using to push the boundaries of design. More than 25 software products are available for free* — all with a new, extended three-year license.

You have big ideas and even bigger dreams. Develop the skills you need to make them real.

* Learn more and register now.

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September 24, 2010

Ideate BIMLink: See the Forest for the Trees

It was time to step back and take stock of our current programming effort, so last week we ran a few focus groups to learn whether Ideate BIMLink, an Autodesk Revit add-on, would be well received by our customers. Ben Bishoff, our Chief Software Programmer (and bottle-washer) wrapped up Ideate Explorer for Revit 2011 a few months ago and has been immersed in the depths of Revit data-mining ever since. We asked Ben to leave his programming lair and meet face-to-face with some customers in our Portland office to hear the unvarnished truth about our newest endeavor.

Ideate BIMLink, in a nutshell, has been designed to export Revit data to Excel where it can be easily modified, then pushed back into Revit. Some of our customers have become very sophisticated in their use of Revit. They've gone beyond the benefits of the coordinated graphical version of the model, and are beginning to really exploit the value of the non-graphical data. Ideate BIMLink liberates this Revit data and makes it more accessible via Excel.

Ben and I met 14 customers over two days to share information on how Ideate BIMLink works and to learn whether it would add value to their projects. Like all good customers, they beat us up a bit. They scoffed at a few of our notions, but also saw great potential in areas we hadn't foreseen, or had foolishly forgotten in our programming stupor. In the end we came away with some great ideas about what Ideate BIMLink can do.

- Glynnis Patterson, N.C.A.R.B., Ideate Director of Services

Glynnis is just one of the highly skilled team at Ideate, Inc. She is a Registered Architect and has worked within the BIM industry since 1998. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, she has worked as an architect, educator and construction site manager. Glynnis works with AEC clients across the nation, developing, and implementing best practices solutions. In her spare time Glynnis is a member of the Morristown Environmental Commission and builds Lego projects.

Stay tuned! Glynnis will be providing periodic updates on the Ideate BIMLink as the final product is honed and released.

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September 23, 2010

The Autodesk See the Advantage Virtual Event

See the difference. See the possibilities. SEE THE ADVANTAGE.

Deliver innovative, sustainable designs faster and more cost-effectively. Stand out from the competition and win more work. Make informed decisions that reduce waste and costs. It's all possible with Autodesk software.

Be among the first to see how the latest Autodesk solutions can help you See the Advantage in your project workflow. From the newest productivity features in the AutoCAD® family of products to the latest enhancements in the Autodesk solutions for BIM, Autodesk software helps manage complex tasks, support collaboration, enhance sustainable design, and increase design and documentation efficiency.

Learn more at the Autodesk See the Advantage Virtual Event, October 5th, 2010 from 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. PDT. Attendance is free, simply register here.

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September 22, 2010

The Autodesk Digital Entertainment Conference

The Autodesk Digital Entertainment Conference is coming to a desktop near you on October 13th. At this information-packed conference, you'll find out how Autodesk 2011 software opens the door to next generation Digital Entertainment Creation.

At this exclusive event, you will have the opportunity to discover the new 3D editorial capabilities, improved character animation, and new user interface of Autodesk Maya 2011. You'll also experience the enhanced viewport interaction and creative power of the Graphite modeling tools and Slate materials editor with Autodesk 3ds Max 2011. The conference also features demonstrations by customers and Autodesk technical experts on raising the creative bar and increasing productivity, so you can create more in less time.

Register here for the Autodesk Digital Entertainment Conference and see how Autodesk Digital Entertainment Creation tools can help you power through your productions from start to finish. (Registration is free and is mandatory to gain access to the event.)

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September 21, 2010

Let Ideate Help Build Your Business

Learn how Ideate's diverse and broad industry expertise and services can ensure your maximum productivity and return on investment.

We are your Autodesk Revit specialists on the US West Coast - leading in the sales, training and support of this key BIM software. We are a key Autodesk solutions provider, offering Autodesk software, training, support and custom consulting services. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, we are recognized as a Gold Partner for Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Autodesk's highest level of authorization.

We have the most extensive team of technical experts and employ top registered architects, engineers and designers.

What We Do
We serve companies in the areas of building, construction, infrastructure, and multimedia with Autodesk software and implementation services. Our guiding mission is to provide the most extensive, high-quality information solutions to our clients. Therefore, we offer an array of resources to help you meet your technological needs and challenges. With five Autodesk® Authorized Training Centers and services that include training, support, consulting, and community forums, Ideate’s repertoire of offerings will ensure the professional development of your organization.

What We Believe In
Two words: your success. Our mission is to help you manage and transform your enterprise through high-quality, cost-effective business information solutions.

Our Guiding Principles
At Ideate, we are determined to help you build your business. We accomplish this with three guiding principles:

  • Every Client Problem is Unique - Every business issue needs unique ideas and solutions. One size does not fit all. We believe that by treating every challenge individually, we offer better customized solutions.
  • Client Success is Our Success - We focus our efforts on helping you achieve your goals and objectives. We measure our success on your success. Check our "Study in Success" case studies of real results.
  • Teamwork - Ideate has a talent pool of multiple perspectives, experiences, and expertise. This kind of collaboration positions us to provide better solutions for your diverse business issues.

Contact today to learn how we can transform your business.

September 20, 2010

Don't Miss Out on Autodesk Training Vouchers

From now through October 31, 2010, customers who purchase qualifying Autodesk AEC software and purchase and complete qualifying training or implementation services from Ideate, Inc. are eligible for a voucher to be applied toward training and/or implementation services.

Voucher amounts vary depending upon qualifying purchase:
- Customers who purchase 1-5 new licenses or upgrades are eligible for $200 per license purchased to be applied toward training and/or implementation services.
- Customers who purchase six or more new licenses or upgrades are eligible for $300 per license purchased to be applied toward training and/or implementation services.

Download this flyer for promotion details as well as the list of qualifying AEC products.

For complete terms and conditions, contact

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September 17, 2010

Free Workshop: 3D Printing for AEC (9/21 Seattle, 9/23 Portland)

Join Ideate Sales Director John Souza for this free workshop to learn how architects, engineers and contractors can benefit from adding 3D printing to your practice.

There are distinct advantages to adding 3D printing as a design tool, especially as a complement to BIM software like the Autodesk Revit portfolio of products. John will provide an overview of the available technology for 3D printing, along with case studies of architectural firms and service bureaus who have implemented the technology successfully, plus specific Autodesk Revit workflows.

Who Should Attend
Architects, engineers, contractors, CAD managers, designers and drafters.

Earn Credit
This event qualifies for 1.5 AIA CEU; 1.0 PDH.

Complete details and pre-registration link for these free events:
September 21 in Seattle
September 23 in Portland

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Ideate Training - Immediately Useful to You

Ron Williamson of Sellen Construction recently took the Ideate Civil 3D Fundamentals class.
I thought that everything for the Civil 3D Fundamentals class, from the material to the instructor Matt Miyamoto, was excellent. This is one of the few classes I have attended in recent years where most all of what I learned is immediately useful to me. All in all a great experience. I am using AutoCAD Civil 3D now and I am sure that if I have questions the book can’t address, I will engage the follow up resource – 90-days of free support.

- Ron Williamson, Sellen Construction Company, Seattle, Washington

Click here for complete course outline.

For upcoming class dates and registration information, click here or contact

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September 16, 2010

AutoCAD LT 2011 Webcast: Productivity Starts Here

Did you miss the recent "AutoCAD LT 2011 Productivity Starts Here" webcast featuring Kate Morrical? If you missed it, don’t worry. It is not too late to learn how AutoCAD® LT 2011 software can help maximize your productivity.

To view the webcast or share it with a colleague, a recorded version of the webcast is available here.

Take advantage of the AutoCAD LT 2011 rebate and save up to $300 when you purchase a new seat of AutoCAD LT 2011 software before October 17, 2010. Contact today.

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Ideate Solutions - New Catalog Available!

Workflow moves fast.

Sophisticated software lets you stay ahead of workflow, provided you Get It, Know It, and Use It. Ideate, Inc. helps you Get exactly the software solutions you need. Ideate’s learning path trains you to Know your software. And you can Use Ideate’s accessible experts. They have your back every step of the way.

Get It
Get the software product, training and support solutions you need. It’s easy with the Ideate team to guide you.

Know It
Explore the Ideate learning path for your discipline. Take a class online, in our Authorized Training Centers or at your office.

Use It
Get working. Keep working. Use the accessible Ideate consulting and support experts. They have your back every step of the way.

Learn more in the newest Ideate Solutions catalog.

September 14, 2010

Customer Innovation Showcase: Vallaster and Corl Architects

We're pleased to highlight the work of Ideate client Vallaster and Corl Architects of Portland, Oregon.

K-Station is a mixed-use, mixed-income, transit-oriented project located along the Portland Interstate transit corridor adjacent to a main ligature of the MAX transit Yellow Line at the intersection of two major north Portland transit arteries – N.Interstate Avenue and N. Killingsworth. This 54 unit design is intended to offer its residents and retail customers alternatives to automobile dependence, emphasizing other transportation options afforded by its location along MAX and adjacent to bus stops on N. Killingsworth. It is intended to target young creative professionals and first time home purchasers committed to reducing their carbon footprint. It offers a sustainable lifestyle with convenient Flex Car availability, secured bicycle parking and ecologically responsible green roofs and bio-swales that exemplify Portland’s framework for smart, green development.

We're a small firm and made the transition to Autodesk Revit quickly. We started using Revit in 2006 and by 2008 it was our primary software tool. We use the program for presentation renderings (examples attached) and construction documents. It is not yet being used as a coordination tool between consultants as most are still transitioning to Revit, but we anticipate this will be occurring soon. We're at point now where we can deliver drawings at least as fast or faster than we could before on AutoCAD, and no-one in our office, even those with the least Revit training, wish to return to the old methods. Thanks to Revit we're also working in 3D much more and able to deliver presentation drawings more easily.

- Vallaster and Corl Architects, Portland Oregon

Vallaster and Corl Architects is an award winning firm providing architectural, planning, interior, and development feasibility services for private and public clients throughout the Pacific Northwest Region.

> For more information about Vallaster and Corl Architects, click here.

> To learn more about how Autodesk Revit Architecture can improve the design process and presentation of your ideas, click here.

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September 3, 2010

Course Highlight: Revit Architecture Beyond the Basics

You have already completed an Autodesk Revit Architecture Fundamentals course, have experience using Revit Architecture and a strong background in architectural design, drafting or engineering.

What's the next step to build your skill set, your professional tool kit?

Revit Architecture Beyond the Basics
A 2-day class that covers a wide range of advanced topics in Autodesk Revit Architecture, building on the concepts introduced in a Revit Architecture Fundamentals course. You will learn about site design, advanced rendering techniques, phasing and design options, how to create families of custom components, and how to collaborate on a design. Both imperial and metric hands-on exercises represent real-world design scenarios.

Courses are taught at our Autodesk Authorized Training Centers by the Ideate Tech Experts, Autodesk 2011 Certified Professionals.

Click here for the complete course outline, or here for upcoming dates and registration information.

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September 2, 2010

Making the Case for BIM

We recently received a call from a client, seeking reference documentation to make the case for BIM to their current & prospective customers, particularly Project Managers.

Here are a few resources we provided...

  • A recently published Green BIM report from McGraw Hill Construction includes new market research data, insights from industry leaders, project case studies demonstrating ways BIM has been used on green projects and contributed toward better, more sustainable buildings, and special coverage of two key areas BIM is providing value: performance, daylighting and lean construction.

    Download the free report here: Green BIM: How Building Information Modeling is Contributing to Green Design and Construction

  • Autodesk BIM Deployment Plan

    The Autodesk BIM Deployment Plan offers tools and guidance for building industry professionals interested in implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM). Tools offered in this resource provide a practical framework for AEC stakeholders, and can be used by individual organizations on specific projects. The BIM Deployment Plan includes:

    · BIM support materials for owners, architects, engineers, and contractors
    · Templates to streamline multi-discipline communications
    · Recommendations for roles and responsibilities
    · Best business process examples
    · Software suggestions for an effective BIM environment

    (Don’t miss the zip file at the bottom of the page! It has the Plan tools.)

Our client was hoping to find an animation that showed "with and without" BIM, but BIM encompasses the process and workflow, not just a specific product or deliverable. The firm does heating/ducting, telecom and other services, so we provided the following links:
  • Autodesk Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Systems

    Staying Competitive with BIM
    KLH Engineers, is a mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering firm that also offers communication and information technology, commissioning, lighting design, and energy solutions. They are committed to sustainability, BIM and Integrated Project Delivery. Through the use of BIM, KLH Engineers is able to stay competitive and win more work whether it is through a new construction or renovation project. KLH Engineers are at the forefront of innovation and are extending BIM to analysis with Autodesk Ecotect Analysis and Autodesk 3ds Max Design.

    Watch Video

  • Autodesk Navisworks is a key product in the BIM process, particularly adept at illustrating the importance of utilizing a BIM model.

    Autodesk Navisworks products deliver project review software for 3D coordination, 4D planning, photorealistic visualization, dynamic simulation, and accurate analysis. Create a whole-project model by integrating design and construction information, including complex building information modeling (BIM), Digital Prototyping (DP), and process plant data. With Autodesk Navisworks project review software, you can collaborate, coordinate, and communicate more effectively to reduce problems during design and construction.

    Check this screencast to learn how Autodesk Navisworks solutions help Civil, MEP, and Structural Engineering professionals to reliably share, combine, review, and perfect detailed 3D design models of any size or format -- quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

    These are just a few quick references. To learn more about Autodesk BIM tools, contact the experts at

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    September 1, 2010

    New Product: AutoCAD for Mac

    Design and shape the world around you with the new AutoCAD for Mac! Explore your ideas, speed documentation, and share data seamlessly with anyone in the industry. With the power, flexibility, and accuracy you expect from AutoCAD in an intuitive, native Mac interface, AutoCAD for Mac helps you take your design and documentation further.

    For more information about AutoCAD 2011 for Mac software, visit Ideate or the Autodesk AutoCAD for Mac page. To register for a trial version of AutoCAD for Mac, click here.

    David Haynes, Ideate Director of Services provides a quick view of AutoCAD for Mac.

    And don't miss this fun video from Autodesk...

    Contact to learn how Ideate can help take your designs further with AutoCAD for Mac.

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