May 5, 2014

What’s New in Civil 3D 2015: Maintain Targets Even After Replacing Subassembly

In keeping you informed with ‘What’s New in my software’ series from Ideate; here is a snippet on one of the key benefits of Civil 3D 2015.

If you have always modeled corridors in Civil 3D and you have been dreading to change the subassembly because of the fear of losing targets. Read on… there is now a solution.

Enter Civil 3D 2015 – problem solved.

In Civil 3D 2015 you can now change a subassembly and yet maintain the corridor targets. In fact, when you add a subassembly from Tool Palette you are now prompted to insert, replace, or leave it detached at the command line.

New Command Line Options for Subassembly Insertion
If you chose to replace it then it will prompt you to maintain targets or not.

Similar Targets in Previous Subassembly Dialog Box

In this example I accidently choose the wrong subassembly for my left knuckle, as evidently seen below in the red highlight. Yes, I have exaggerated a bit.

Corridor With Old Subassembly in Assembly, Plan and Section View
I was able to replace it with minimal effort. All the while maintaining the left EOP knuckle target. Here is the screen shot after replacing the subassembly.
Corridor With New Subassembly

For these improvements and more, try out Civil 3D 2015 now. Also, remember to come back here to the Ideate Solutions blog for more details on the enhancements to Civil 3D 2015 from me and my team.

Check out the video Civil 3D 2015: Maintain Targets Even After Replacing Subassembly

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Gaurav Bagga
Ideate Infrastructure Solutions Application Specialist

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