May 9, 2014

Annotation Enhancements of AutoCAD 2015

With AutoCAD 2015, you have some great annotation enhancements. Most notably you can now use the match properties to match the properties of the text within text editor.

AutoCAD 2015 Text Editor Contextual Tab
Text Before Matching Properties
Another annotation enhancement worthy of being mentioning is case change. If you are like me and have the Caps Lock turned 'On' all the time for sheet annotation, chances are you forgot to turn it off before going into the text editor and before long you have already written the whole paragraph. Now, AutoCAD 2015 will turn the Caps Lock Off and reverse case the moment you hit the spacebar.

AutoCAD 2015 will also convert fractions like ½ to a stacked fraction automatically. This gives you the option to change properties in the Stack Properties dialog box.

Stack Properties Dialog box
If you create dimensions you know that every time you add a dimension, the tool tries to snap to the end of the extension line. With AutoCAD 2015 you no longer have to worry about this. 

Dimension Command Does Not Snap to Extension Line
One more thing I will add here is the text align command in the Ribbon tab Annotate. This now aligns multiple text objects similar to multileader align command.
Text Align Command in Ribbon Tab Annotate
So these are the select few annotation enhancements. They may seem like minor improvements but I believe they can help you produce construction documents faster. Happy Production!

Check out the video AutoCAD 2015: Annotation Enhancements

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Gaurav Bagga
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