April 30, 2014

Productivity Enhancements Using AutoCAD 2015 Reality Capture

Following up with the Ideate tradition of What’s New; here is another update for you in my software series.

AutoCAD 2015 brings new productivity enhancements for reality capture. Point Cloud workflow has been streamlined and simplified. You can simply open Autodesk ReCap from within AutoCAD to process LAS files and other proprietary point cloud data formats. You can now process that data and export a ReCap Scan RCS file from ReCap to XRef in AutoCAD. However, you will not be able to attach your existing PCG or ISD files any more. If you do have a project that was using these files you will still be able to modify the point cloud properties in AutoCAD 2015 in properties palette – don’t expect to see the contextual ribbon tab for this.

Once the point cloud is attached within AutoCAD it maintains its visual fidelity displaying scan colors. Here you see the same point cloud displayed in scan colors in AutoCAD 2015 to your left and AutoCAD 2014 to the right.
Left: AutoCAD 2015 Screen Capture      Right: AutoCAD 2014 Screen Capture

Furthermore, the visualization of point clouds has been enhanced in AutoCAD 2015. There is a new color mapping button that gives you the freedom to add a color palette of your choice to visualize your point cloud data. You can now colorize your point cloud data using elevation and classification. A new point cloud lighting tool has been added to help you visualize and present point cloud data professionally. Here is a snapshot of the point cloud tools in contextual ribbon tab.

In addition to visualization, there are performance enhancements – AutoCAD 2015 is able to handle point cloud data better and faster than AutoCAD 2014.

And I will leave you with this – you can now snap to plane on a point cloud to, let’s say, place a window on the point cloud wall. Stay tuned for more on this from Ideate’s blog and YouTube channel.

Check out the video AutoCAD 2015 Reality Capture Productivity Enhancements

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Gaurav Bagga
Ideate Infrastructure Solutions Application Specialist

Gaurav is a well rounded Application Engineer and Project Manager for Infrastructure Solutions at Ideate based out of San Francisco. He has over 15 years experience in construction industry and has been helping numerous small, medium and ENR 500 firms maximize their CAD investment for the last ten years. Gaurav is an Autodesk Certified Instructor and Autodesk Civil 3D Implementation Certified Expert. He has taught at several conferences, CAD Camps and Autodesk University. He has taught AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Land Desktop and Map 3D to thousands of students and helps Ideate develop the Infrastructure Services curriculum and courses. With his extensive CAD technology background he helps Bay Area engineering and surveying firms analyze and improve their design and drawing production process thereby improving productivity and the bottom line. Follow Gaurav on Twitter: @BeGeez

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