April 24, 2014

AutoCAD 2015: Command and Selection Enhancements

Ideate is highlighting updates and enhancements made to Autodesk Software in the 2015 release. In this post, I will illuminate a few of the command and selection enhancements made in AutoCAD 2015.

Selection Enhancements
To me, one the most exciting new features is the lasso selection. To use the lasso selection left click in the drawing to start the selection command, continue to hold down the left mouse button, and move around the objects that you would like to select. You can turn this function on and off on the selection tab of the options box. 

Example of lasso command.

Image: Where you turn the lasso selection on or off in the options dialog box.
Another addition to the selections is the glowing effect that selected objects have when hardware acceleration is on. This is so you can easily see what is selected. To turn on hardware acceleration on or off, type GRAPHICSCONFIG in the command line.

Image: Selected objects now glow when hardware acceleration is turned on.

Image: Selected objects remain dashed when hardware acceleration is turned off.
Command Enhancements
Many commands already have a command preview, such as the offset command. In AutoCAD 2015, many more commands have the command preview, such as trim, extend, match properties, and break. For example, the extend command will now give a preview of what the object will look like before you extend it by just hovering. Additionally, command preview is now an option that you can turn on or off. You do this in the options box.

Image: Command Preview option in options dialog box
Another command enhancement is the cursor badges. A cursor badge is a small icon that shows up along-side the cross hair. These badges show up while you are in a command. The images below show some of these badges.

Image: Command badges at the cross hair
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Kate Ming, P.E.
Ideate AEC Application Specialist

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