February 4, 2011

Quoted, Re: @IdeateBIMLink: "…about 24x faster. Really amazing!"

Such flattery leaves us speechless, so we’ll let Francois be frank about Ideate BIMLink for Revit:

“Ideate BIMLink came just at the right time! We finally found you after trying many other solutions to help with Autodesk Revit projects. I would define Ideate BIMLink as simple, easy and quick. On a billion dollar project, we had to link over 2,700 rooms and 400 surfaces with 15 custom parameters each in 10 different linked files - that would be 46,500 manual entries. It would take weeks to enter manually in Autodesk Revit software! We were able to do the work in a matter of hours. Later in the project, 50 changes were done manually within multiple files, it took 3 hours. However, with Ideate BIMLink, I did 300 changes in 45 minutes - that’s about 24x faster. Really amazing! Thanks again to Ideate BIMLink, it has became our new teammate.”

—Francois Dionne, BIM Manager, Buscom
The project Sainte- Justine University Hospital Center
Our customer Lemay Associés Architecture & Design

Need a new teammate? Visit ideatebimlink.com to find out more about Ideate BIMLink.

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