February 9, 2011

Autodesk Revit Tip: Changing Width of Vertically Compound Walls

Many of you know that Basic Walls can have varying building finish materials applied vertically along a wall. This is accomplished by editing the Structure of a wall in a section view and using the Split Region tool. Once a region has been split, the Thickness value is grayed out and assigned a width that indicates “variable.” After assigning a new material to one of the split regions the original width of the initial layer if displayed but is still grayed out.

Did you know that you can change the width of regions after they have been split? To do so, press the Modify button in the Edit Assembly (Hint: Make sure the button appears depressed). Next pick the left edge of the region you would like to modify. A temporary dimension will display allowing you to modify the width of the split region. This still applies to both regions created from the original layer, but gives you the ability to adjust the width of a region you have split.

Ron Palma, Ideate AEC Solutions Application Specialist
Ron has 23+ years of experience in the AEC industry as a designer, lead project designer, trainer and CAD manager. His instructional background includes Autodesk Certified Instructor, trainer, support technician, educator at Portland Community College and Clackamas Community College, and a U.S. Army certified instructor. Follow Ron @RonPalmaAEC.