February 3, 2011

Bob Palioca, @IdeateInc President, talks about events and community. @aiasf #SFRUG

We received an inquiry about the upcoming San Francisco Revit User Group and wanted to share a little insight on this, and other, Ideate events.
Q: Can you explain how your guest presentation by Stuart Cohen will relate to BIM/Revit? I was a long-time member of the [- -] RUG and have recently moved to San Francisco. [- -] RUG meetings were typically hosted by an AEC firm one evening every month. Local software vendors would provide some pizza and drinks. A couple of people from the AEC firm would present their current work and talk about software and workflow issues particular to their projects. Additionally there would often be another volunteer presenter who showed some tips or gave a tutorial on how to use some advanced features of Revit, or solve technical issues.

A: I wanted to personally answer the question about this month's San Francisco Revit User Group. The reason I have encouraged working with Transform is that I expect Ideate to lead beyond the products and processes we deal with on a day-to-day basis. We make connections with the greater issues our customers live in.

Here are a few links to learn about who we are connecting our community with at the February event:
> A bit about the Stuart Cohen, the speaker
> The basics of the TransForm organization
> The innovative certification process
> Key people and agencies linked to TransForm

Part of the value that we at Ideate bring to our community is "thought leadership”. Many times that will mean going beyond the project, model or BIM process and providing access to larger, more provoking discussions that are relevant in our communities. And as "information" for BIM matures, we will all be able to form a more tangible connection, driving more value for our mutual communities.

One reason that we are especially pleased to have Stuart join us for this event is because it is a key issue in all of our communities. And even though this particular event is being held in San Francisco, we challenge ourselves to work with similar organizations in San Jose, Sacramento, Portland and Seattle. Our events throughout the region are a way for us to serve our AEC community and provide value beyond just picks-and-clicks.

My goal is that once per quarter we continue to raise the bar with thought-provoking subjects that will help us to build strong links and strong communities. We will also continue with our core user groups that focus on AEC firm work, software and workflow issues.

Look forward to seeing you on February 9.

- Bob Palioca, President

Thank you, Bob. (We subsequently asked the writer who submitted the question to present at an upcoming user group. We'll keep you posted!)

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