October 22, 2010

Ideate BIMLink - It Slices, It Dices, It Spellchecks

Kudos to our friend Ishtmeet Singh at GBJ Architecture who suggested we try Ideate BIMLink to spell-check our projects. Sometimes it's the simplest things that are the most useful. I'm embarrassed to say that I did not realize Autodesk Revit Spell Check only works on a per sheet basis. Thanks to Ishtmeet for the great idea. I'm happy to report that Ideate BIMLink handles text like a charm. Being able to utilize my Microsoft Office dictionary on all my Autodesk Revit text is VERY useful. What about handing the full list of text off to your spec writer?? This video shows using Microsoft Excel to catch spelling errors and other great Microsoft Excel text editing tools like changing the case from Sentence Case to Upper Case.

- Glynnis Patterson, Ideate Director of Services

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