October 27, 2010

Chuck Mies/Autodesk: BIM and the Application to the Building Lifecycle (11.2 Portland, 11.3 Seattle)

I am really excited that Chuck Mies, Autodesk BIM Solutions Executive will be joining Ideate at our offices in Portland and Seattle next week, November 2 and 3. Chuck is a guy who understands clearly how to provide targeted business solutions in the AEC space. Chuck understands business drivers and how design technology can solve business problems.

- David Haynes, Ideate Director of Services

BIM and the Application to the Building Lifecycle: overview of BIM, proceeding into some specific recommendations and observations from other owners on their use of the technology.
  • What is BIM, an overview for the owner to understand lifecycle benefits.
  • The effect of process interoperability issues through design and construction and the impact on owners, and how BIM can be used to address these issues.
  • The BIM-Based lifecycle strategies that are emerging from large owners.
  • The position of the industry to support these initiatives.
  • The benefit of developing deliverable standards.
  • The use of documents like the AIA E202 and other examples to do so.

Who Should Attend: Contractors and architects seeking ways to win business by differentiating themselves from the competition, offering insight to building owners on the gains to be realized with BIM. Building owners who need to learn why BIM is important and how it will improve business.
  • November 2, Portland Oregon
  • November 3, Seattle Washington

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