October 13, 2010

New McGraw Hill Construction Green BIM Smart Market Report

Autodesk recently participated as the premier corporate sponsor for the Green BIM Smart Market Report. Key findings from the report demonstrate:
  • Green building sector will drive adoption of BIM - 7 out of 10 respondents report medium to high green project involvement.
  • Opportunities in Green Retrofit - 88% of non-green BIM users believe they will use it for retrofit projects during next two years.
  • Energy Performance Monitoring - Owners have low awareness of the benefits of BIM.
  • Energy Performance Simulation - Green BIM users are simulating energy performance, including lighting/daylighting, whole building analysis, and energy code compliance.

Learn more about Green BIM opportunities from these various resources:

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Hands-on exercises demonstrate how to utilize BIM along with other design and analysis tools such as Autodesk Green Building Studio and 3ds Max Design to maximize efficiency, functionality and most importantly, beauty. The focus will initially be on preparing simple models for analysis, modifying and saving multiple design iterations and reports in Green Building Studio.

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