October 12, 2010

Ideate Explorer for Revit - Use Cases

We thought we'd share a couple of recent Q&A about Ideate Explorer for Revit, the Revit tool which gives you an easy, intuitive way to search, quantify & select elements in your Revit model

Q: I need to confirm that all of the Revision numbers have been referenced within my Revit Project. Can Ideate Explorer help me determine this?
A: The Ideate Explorer for Revit 2011 tool can list all instances of Revision Clouds and Revision Tags. By using the "View:Instance List" it is possible to quickly determine whether or not each Revision number has been used.

Q: I keep having problems with deleting a block of text. It kept coming back. Finally I realized that there were 16 copies of that same block of text. It wasn't that the text kept coming back, I was just removing the duplicates, one after the next. I know that people have written code for AutoCAD to delete duplicate items. Any such animal for Revit?
A: We use the Ideate Explorer for Revit add-on to hunt and eliminate multiple copies of many types of entities, including text. You can search for key words to identify the text and then select all within Explorer for deletion within Revit.

Do you have questions about how Ideate Explorer for Revit can manage your Revit models? Contact us at sales@ideateinc.com.

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