May 18, 2010

AU2010 - Vote for Your Favorite Ideate Class Proposals!

Ideate is proud that our Tech Experts are regularly selected to present at Autodesk University - and get great ratings!

Considering attending AU2010? Here is your chance to influence which classes will be offered. Vote before Friday, May 21 for the sessions that you want to see this year!

Click here for the Autodesk University Class Voting page, then choose up to 20 classes, including:

50 We have a Revit project, now what? Hristov, Paul
572 Signature Styles and Entourage Palma, Ron
1133 Revit Curtain Walls: In Theory & Practice Harve, Shruti
1177 Clash Early, Clash Often with Navisworks Clash Detective Martin, Teresa
1273 Shared Coordinates; a Hands on approach Palma, Ron
2812 Walking on Point Cloud 9 Miyamoto, Matt
3428 Code Blue! Using Revit Conditional Values to Qualify Code and Design Program Criteria McClure, Nancy
4152 Revit MEP - It's all about creativity Hristov, Paul
4426 Green and Bare IT! Martin, Teresa
4526 Revit MEP - not enough content; what is the problem again? Hristov, Paul
4945 Creating a Good Impression Palma, Ron
5132 The Art of Topography in a BIM World McClure, Nancy
5278 Connecting The Dots: Creating Civil 3D Surfaces with LIDAR Data Miyamoto, Matt
5871 Make Your Designs Sparkle with rendering using Revit Architecture & 3ds Max Design 2011 Harve, Shruti
6180 Finding your way around Shared Coordinates Martin, Teresa
6768 Kicking the Tires: A Revit Test Drive Palma, Ron
7620 Extend your horizons with Revit Extensions and other useful Add-ons Palma, Ron
7817 Paper to Digital: Conceptual Design tools in Revit Architecture can help! Let’s see how! Harve, Shruti
8213 Revit MEP - Plumbing Mystery Solved Hristov, Paul
8514 There is no I in Team Palma, Ron
9173 Revit MEP Templates - Solving MEP Implementation Hurdles Hristov, Paul
9693 From Photo to Photorealistic: Use Autodesk Image Modeler to create 3D models of as built buildings Harve, Shruti