May 13, 2010

Autodesk 2011 Product Keys

Product keys are used to differentiate software sold on its own from those sold as part of a suite. In order to successfully activate your Autodesk software, you'll need to select the correct product key.

To find the product key for primary AEC products, check this handy chart put together by the Ideate Support team.

The product key is also provided by Autodesk along with your serial number in the following places:

  • If you received physical media, the product key is on the reverse of the package along with the serial number.
  • Emails from Electronic Fulfillment notifying you of your new serial number also include the product key.
  • Contract administrators can log on to Subscription Center to check for their serial number and product key.
  • The Autodesk Business Center (ABC) can provide this information. Their toll-free number is 800-538-6401.

Be sure to check the Ideate Support page for other useful tools and tips.