May 26, 2010

Why Autodesk?

Ideate, Inc. is proud to be a successful Autodesk partner.

We believe in the software products we sell and the company we work with. Here are just a few reasons:
  • broadest and deepest product portfolio in the design world
  • 100% of Fortune 100 companies use Autodesk
  • over 9 million users
  • 3300 development partners (including the Ideate Explorer for Revit!)
    more than 2 million students train on Autodesk products every year (including at Ideate!)
  • explore your design ideas, from initial concept through development and documentation
  • visualize your project with photorealistic renderings and walkthroughs, so clients experience your design as if it were already built
  • analyze your project, test how it will perform in the real world
  • you can make more sustainable design decisions earlier in the design process

What does Autodesk software do for you?
Three things... greater efficiency, productivity, and innovation. When you optimize your designs before they’re built, you avoid expensive and time-consuming delays. When you improve collaboration among teams, you accelerate project cycles. And when you combine those things, you have the freedom to innovate during the design process. An innovative design process helps you solve your business challenges, and that’s where you get your competitive advantage.

For more on the Autodesk story, and great interactive view of product capability, click here.

Gain a competitive advantage with Ideate and Autodesk today.