January 28, 2016

Revit Soffit Cleanup Between Ceiling and Bulkhead Wall

Here at Ideate, we frequently get questions in the classroom from students – and we frequently get solutions from our students. I decided to document some of the solutions. This blog deals with how you can get the gypsum wall board to turn the corner between a ceiling and a bulkhead wall – so you do not see a line separating the materials.



Typically walls and ceilings have layers of materials and their function determines which is dominant when walls or ceilings meet. Core structural materials can be joined graphically so they appear correctly, when for example you join the structural layer of a floor to the structural layer of a wall.

This example shows a “fix” that lets you join the structural layers of a wall and a ceiling.

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AEC Senior Application Specialist

Jim Cowan’s extensive AEC design industry experience, Autodesk design solutions expertise and status as an Autodesk Certified Instructor have made him a sought after University Curriculum developer, instructor and presenter. Jim’s areas of expertise include eLearning, interoperability between solutions and overcoming barriers to the adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Educated in Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art/Heriot–Watt University and in Landscape Architecture at the University of Manitoba, Jim has special focus on sustainability issues: daylight analysis, sun studies, lighting analysis, modeling buildings and conceptual energy modeling (models with shading devices).YouTube Channel: MrJimCowan