May 23, 2013

New in 2014: Autodesk ReCap Part 2 – Key Features

In Part 1 of our ReCap posts, we discussed how this new application processes and combines laser scan files into a ReCap Project. Now we’re looking at some of the Key Features available once the projects are launched. 

Along with standard navigational tools like pan, zoom, orbit, look, and fly-through, ReCap also has the capability of editing point cloud data; something that has not been a part of Autodesk software in the past.

Selection Tools
Annotation Tools
The bottom-center of the screen includes annotation tools for notes, distances, angles and faces, as well as selection tools for editing. Window and Fence tools can be used to easily crop or delete selected sections of the point cloud, quickly removing unwanted data and reducing file size.
Display Tools
The upper-left of the screen includes display options to control how the point cloud data appears in the application. The Project Navigator, Limit Box and Display Settings allow users to control which files from the dataset are displayed, how much of the data is displayed, point color, point size, background data, and lighting and shading effects.

With functionality similar to point cloud review and processing tools from Trimble and Leica, Autodesk customers now have access to a program that can process and edit point cloud data prior to being used in Autodesk design software like AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Revit, Navisworks and Autodesk InfraWorks. Best of all, it’s included in the 2014 Autodesk Design Suites and available now on Subscription Center.

For a video of Autodesk ReCap in action and other great features our Ideate Technical Team has found in the new Autodesk 2014 releases, visit:  
Ideate Note: If you are experiencing a Fatal Error issue when trying to launch a ReCap project this is most likely based on system hardware rather than an issue with the application. For more information about this issue and Ideates solution, read our recent blog post titled: Help! Autodesk ReCap is Crashing.

Matt Miyamoto, P.E.
Ideate AEC Application Specialist

Matt is a licensed Civil Engineer in the state of Hawaii. Matt obtained a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and has 7 years of private sector design experience which he applies in his role as an application specialist with Ideate, Inc. His project experience includes residential and commercial site development, private and public sewer, water and drainage systems, harbors improvements, and roadway improvements. While in Hawaii, Matt was involved in multidisciplinary projects for City and County agencies, State Departments, the Army COE and private developers. @MattM_PE

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