August 4, 2011

What's New in Ideate Explorer for Revit 2012

Large projects can be difficult to navigate - but not with Ideate Explorer! We’ve added two significant improvements to Ideate Explorer 2012: Speed and Access to Worksharing information.

We’ve re-engineered our search engine to make Ideate Explorer 2012 at least two times faster than the previous version. A 280 MB file now takes around one minute to index all objects. Finding the objects you need has never been easier.

Now, in version 2012, Ideate includes Workset data. In this image, the Keyword Search is being used to show all the items with the word “curtain” and on Level 6. When the first instance of Curtain Wall 1 is selected, the properties panel shows the new fields for both Workset and Edited by (only if it’s a worksharing enabled project).

Sorting your project by Workset is sure to become another critical project auditing methodology. With the new View drop-down option to organize by Workset you can easily scan the contents of each Workset and find objects that have been misplaced.  In this screenshot, for example, we can see that several items have been mistakenly placed within our Links and Shared Level worksets.

To fix this problem using Ideate Explorer:
  1. Select the checkbox next to each incorrect instance
  2. Exit Ideate Explorer
  3. Using Revit Properties palette, switch the Workset parameter to Workset1 or other appropriate Workset choice.

Ideate Explorer lets you easily search your Revit project for hard to find elements so that you can quickly make the edits you need. Ideate Explorer is the number one tool for auditing Revit projects and nipping them in the bud.

Check out the What’s New video for Ideate Explorer 2012 on YouTube or on Screencast.

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Glynnis Patterson,
N.C.A.R.B. – Director of Services

Glynnis is a Registered Architect and has worked within the BIM industry since 1998. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, she has worked as an architect, educator and construction site manager. Glynnis is currently the Director of Development Services at Ideate, Inc. and continues to work with AEC clients across the nation, developing, and implementing best practices solutions. In her spare time Glynnis is a member of the Morristown Environmental Commission and builds Lego projects. @GVPinNJ

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