August 24, 2011

It Once Was Lost But Now It’s Found

Imagine this, a Revit file comes from a project member. You open your project and it loads as it always has. You leave your starting view to a floor plan only to have your heart sink. Where is the link? It was there yesterday. Your anger and anxiety level is now setting your blood pressure to dangerous levels. Take a deep breath, it’s ok, we’ll help you find that lost link.

I have two options below for you. The more complex is the first option. The second option is the easier workflow. This is one time that skipping to the end of an article isn’t a bad thing.

Option 1
First, verify in the Project Browser its loaded.
Right click on the linked file name.
In the shortcut menu select Select All Instance/In entire project

You’ll see the ribbon has a new tab Modify/RVT Links
Don’t click ESC.

Go to the Manage tab/to the ID’s of Selection
Copy the number that comes up in the dialog box
Click OK

Click the button just below where you were called Select by ID and paste the number from the last step and click Show.

This will take you to a view of the linked file. Now you can see if it’s changed in elevation or if it’s located at a different location on the site.

Now, for Option 2
The much easier option is to use Ideate Explorer for Revit. Inside Ideate Explorer for Revit you’ll be able to locate the link with just one click of the View pull down and change the filter to Instance List. Your link will be in the Results list. In the Details you’ll see the ID, but you don’t need that now because all you need to do is Right Click on Category in the Results are and click Show Elements and there is your lost link.

Want to learn more of Ideate Explorer for Revit? We invite you to check it out at

Lana Gochenauer, LEED AP,
MEP Solutions Application Specialist

Lana has a wealth of real world experience, having used Autodesk products on projects from hospitals to universities, restaurants to corporate office headquarters, from strip malls to tenant fit-up. Most recently she focused on coordination drawings/models with MEP contractors, and fabrication from the model. Lana successfully ran her CAD business and worked as the CAD manager for an international MEP engineering firm in Seattle. Lana is a Certified Autodesk Trainer and NECA certified electrical estimator. Currently pursuing her MBA in Sustainability and based in the Ideate ATC in Seattle, Lana provides training and services for AutoCAD MEP, Autodesk Revit MEP and Autodesk Navisworks. @LanaGMEP

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