December 28, 2010

Gain Access to Host Wall Info in Revit with Ideate BIMLink

Q: Is there way to get a parameter from a component's host to appear in the component's schedule in my Revit project? For example, I'm using the "Mark" parameter in each window instance to identify it by number in the Window Schedule and also in tags for drawing views. I'm also using the "Mark" parameters for walls to identify wall panel instances on drawing views. I'd like to add a column to my window schedule where the hosting wall's "Mark" parameter will show up for each window.

A: Ideate BIMLink can give you access to the Host Wall info for Doors and Wall Objects. A few ways in which this data might be useful are:

    a) to check window area as it relates to wall area
    b) to check the rating of the door versus the wall in which it is hosted
    c) review the window or curtain panel glazing versus the orientation of the wall in which it is hosted

Unfortunately, this same data still cannot be displayed within a Revit schedule. While it is certainly possible to copy/paste this data (Wall Type Mark in your example) into a Shared Parameter via Ideate BIMLink so that it could be included in a schedule, it is certainly not optimal.

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