December 22, 2010

Editing the Titleblock on Multiple Revit Sheets with Ideate BIMLink

Q: I have an Autodesk Revit project with many sheets. I know how to change ALL the titleblock families at once, but I need to update specific ones. There are a lot that need to be updated, so I don’t want to open every sheet and change them one at a time. Some of the sheets need to stay labeled “Bid Pack 1," while other sheets need to change to read “.Addendum 2” for example. I have already modified the titleblock family so there is a type for each issue/addendum.

Is there a way to select the titleblock on multiple sheets to change the types all at once?

A: Ideate BIMLink is designed to edit large amounts of Revit data via Excel. It includes a Sheet Link which will allow export of all sheet parameters, including shared parameters. This data will then be exported to Excel where it can be sorted, filtered and modified as you require, and then reimported into Revit. It is also possible to renumber the views on each sheet via Ideate BIMLink.

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