July 7, 2010

Recommended Reading - [BIM] New World

Ideate's own Teresa Martin offers some great Revit tips on her blog a [BIM] New World

Recent entries included:
Turning off those light sources!
An outstanding issue with datasets exported from Revit in the *NWC format is the light source object. Even when you turn it off in Revit before exporting, it stills shows up in Navisworks. This will cause problems if you are running Clash Detective with tight tolerances and keep keeping 'hits' or false positives because of the light source object. So how do you turn it off without having to scroll through the selection tree?

Locking your Global Options
This is one of those smart little tricks that is buried in the help menu in Navisworks. You can lock your global options on local machines to prevent accidental changes to settings such as units, viewpoint defaults and file reader settings.
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