July 8, 2010

Ideate Support Scores High

Ideate, Inc. customers rely on us to be their primary technical resource, whether they have a question about a network installation or a new software feature.

The Ideate Support Team includes civil engineers, architects, designers and others with experience in construction, facilities management, process piping, structural, and HVAC design. The team stays on top of today’s issues through their off-site consulting work, classroom training, and continuing education in their respective professional fields.
“Thanks to Teresa Martin for lending us a hand in solving a model issue, helping us avoid a crisis situation before a submittal deadline. We really appreciate Teresa’s quick response at such a short notice. I’m confident we’ll greatly benefit from Teresa teaching our upcoming batch of students at Ideate.”
—Rohit Arora, IT/CAD Manager, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

While the Ideate Tech Experts are able to answer most of your questions, occasionally we will contact Autodesk to find the right solution. I recently had a great meeting with Autodesk, to discuss our Quarterly Support Review (QSR.) The QSR program is designed to give feedback to Autodesk Partners, based on the quality and quantity of Support Requests submitted to Autodesk. Autodesk made a point to acknowledge our "exemplary performance" in all metrics. We scored Best In Class or better for Support Request Count, Avoidable Cases, Closed Loop, How To's, and Defects. Great job to all the Ideate Tech Experts! This is great feedback and really shows off the talent of our technical team.

Receiving the correct answer in a timely manner from someone who knows your business is what Ideate Support is all about. For more information, visit http://www.ideateinc.com/support.

- by Derek Wielkopolski, Technical Support Manager/Application Specialist