July 9, 2010

Autodesk Design Suite Tip - Getting Access to All Licenses for Prior Product

AutoCAD Services & Support: Not all licenses for prior product versions are available after activating an Autodesk Design Suite

You have purchased and activated one of the Autodesk Design Suites or a product that is also available in an Autodesk Design Suite, e.g., AutoCAD 2011, AutoCAD Architecture 2011, etc. Later, you purchase and activate a different Autodesk Design Suite and notice that you do not have access to all the licenses you expect for the prior versions of the products that are common between those suites.

To resolve this issue contact Ideate or visit https://registeronce.autodesk.com and regenerate the original product license and the new Suite license so they have the same issue date. The issue date can be determined by inspecting your license file and looking for the ISSUED= section in each increment. For example:

PACKAGE 64300ACD_F adskflex 2.000 COMPONENTS="71200ACD_2010_0F \
57600ACD_2009_0F 54600ACD_2008_0F 51200ACD_2007_0F" \

For examples and complete details, click here.

Applies to:
AutoCAD 2010
AutoCAD 2009
AutoCAD 2008
AutoCAD Architecture 2010
AutoCAD Architecture 2009
AutoCAD Architecture 2008
Autodesk Design Suite Advanced 2011
Autodesk Design Suite Premium 2011
Autodesk Design Suite Standard 2011