January 25, 2010

Revit Tip - Revit Ceilings: Soffits and Bulkheads

Revit Ceilings – Soffits and Bulkheads
This tutorial addresses tips to create clean sections for details at dropped soffits and bulkheads.

Submitted by Nancy McClure, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP – AEC Solutions Application Specialist

Nancy holds an accredited Bachelor of Architecture degree with a minor in Construction Management from University of Houston, Texas and has over 12 years of experience in the architecture industry. She has worked as a Project Manager and Project Architect for traditional architecture and design-build firms in the Pacific Northwest and the Bay Area handling various phases of design, contract document production and construction administration. Nancy has been instrumental in establishing and implementing CAD standards and operating procedures with firms of various sizes, aiding their transition to new technologies.


ledge33 said...

I have been follow the video for bulkheads and splitting regions and assigning layers. I have got it to work for the most part. I have been running into problems when I have a wall that has multiple layers. for instance, I created a double stud wall with an air space between the studs. it also has an exterior finish with a substrate and a gyp. bd. finish on the interior. it lets me split the regions and assign the layers but when I OK to finish I get an error message.
wondering if you could help on this situation?

Ideate Inc said...

@ledge33: We can help you look at this issue. Please email the file (or the portion of the file that contains this soffit) and any other info that will help us determine what you are trying to accomplish, to support@ideateinc.com