January 19, 2010

Ideate & Autodesk Assistance Program

The Ideate Assistance Program helps unemployed members of the AEC community network and upgrade their skills so they may regain employment in the AEC industry.

Currently, talented people find themselves without work, while at the same time, our AEC industry is advancing. People with updated skills and expertise in BIM and IPD will be prepared to meet the next phase of demand.

Carolyn Forsyth took Ideate's Revit Architecture Fundamentals course in Portland with instructor Ron Palma:
“I took this class as a part of the AutoDesk Assistance Program, and could not have been more pleased. If I end up getting re-hired at my old firm, or if I find employment elsewhere, the skills I learned in this class will be incredibly valuable...THANK-YOU!”

Register for the program and receive:
  • free educational software
  • low cost training
  • free online training
  • discounted Certification Exams, plus a hire or rehire incentive
  • invitations to networking events
  • Autodesk employer discount

Ideate Assistance works in collaboration with the Autodesk® Assistance Program.

Click here for complete details and registration link.

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