January 8, 2010

Ideate Support Services - Let Us Exceed Your Expectations

Success in today's rapidly changing marketplace means that you are developing complex solutions and getting them to market ahead of the competition. Because flexible, responsive support is critical, Ideate offers a portfolio of support services and tools to help you achieve your goals.

However, it is not simply enough to provide these options, it is important to have a skilled team available for you. Ideate's technical team stays on top of today’s issues through their off-site consulting work, classroom training, and continuing education in their respective professional fields.

In reviewing survey feedback for the last 1,000 Support Service cases, we're routinely Above Expectations for our customers in:

  • Technical skill of the representative
  • Response and Resolution Time
  • Courtesy and professionalism of the representative

Among last month's comments:

  • Shruti made me a custom video to answer one of my questions...WOW! it was helpful. I could play it back multiple times.
  • Yahoo! Much better training than XXXxxxxxxx [competitor's name removed]! Thanks Gaurav!
  • Nancy was very professional and very helpful! Thank you, Ideate.
  • Ron provided superb knowledge and service as always.

    Our full-time Support Manager, Derek Wielkopolski, ensures that our support and delivery systems run smoothly and strives for the highest degree of customer satisfaction. A selection from Derek's rave reviews last month:

    • Derek helped me resolve a problem with AutoCAD LT 2009 created by a virus. I was shut down for over two weeks trying to get support directly from Autodesk. One call to Derek and the issue was resolved quickly and professionally. AutoCAD is a critical tool for me in my consulting business, and if it wasn't for the support of Ideate, Autodesk would have lost a customer.
    • Superb assistance, as usual!
    • I emailed my Account Manager and had a response very quickly from tech support. Well done.
    • My initial email support request resulted in a[n] emailed answer that did not address my question. However, Derek called me back with a simple (not documented) answer to my simple question. Overall, a great experience for this new Ideate customer and left me considering upgrading to telephone support.
    • Derek is a pleasure to work with.
    • Excellent service as always.

    Contact Ideate today and let us exceed your expectations!

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