December 21, 2009

Online Revit Training - Worksharing Best Practices

Nice compliment from last week's ATC surveys regarding Paul Hristov's Revit 201 class:

“Excellent!!!! Finally a REAL 201 level class. This was really great! Thank you.”
E.B./Hennebery Eddy

Worksharing Best Practices
This class equips you with set up procedures and best practices for worksharing in Revit. Learn about recommended ways to use worksets and element borrowing. Students will learn file naming conventions, recommended daily procedures, tips for enhanced project performance and use of worksets for visibility.

Revit 201 Class Descriptions
The professionals on our training staff understand your real world needs, and how Revit can help realize them. Our 201 courses were developed with those needs in mind.

Class Length: 1.5 hrs from 11:30am-1:00pm PT
AIA Credit: Earn 1 AIA LU for each class.
Prerequisites: For most courses, students should be familiar with Revit Fundamentals.

Click here for complete curriculum and schedule of classes at Ideate's Authorized Training Centers (ATCs.)

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