December 9, 2009

AutoCAD 2010 – Performance wins for architects

Keeping ahead in the current economic climate is a challenge that we all have to address. The last thing you need is to be let down by slow delivery or poor presentation.

Skipping a software release is often posed as an economy measure, but it is one that can backfire if it leaves you without access to the latest efficiency improvements. Delivering quality projects on time and within budget needs those tools to produce the results required by today’s demanding clients.

Autodesk has released an AutoCAD 2010 Productivity Study which is the result of research and analysis undertaken by Cambashi, an independent consulting and analyst firm with offices in the UK and the US. The firm has taken a close look at the capabilities of AutoCAD 2010. Working with an architectural practice, Cambashi devised and carried out a productivity study comprised of a series of tests to investigate the benefits of AutoCAD 2010 for the architect. By making a comparison with an earlier release of AutoCAD, specifically AutoCAD 2007, the tests have been able to show where real progress towards business goals can be achieved.

To read the complete AutoCAD 2010 Productivity Study, click here.
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