May 2, 2016

e-Learning - Upcoming Revit and Ideate Software Classes - Enrolling Now

Join the Ideate Tech Experts for eLearning – live online classes that provide your entire organization with easy access to premium education.
5.3::Revit 201:
Roofs in Revit Architecture

5.4::Ideate Software:
Introduction to Ideate Sticky
5.5::Revit 201:
Stairs and Railings in Revit
5.12::Ideate Software:
Auditing Your Revit Project with
Ideate Explorer 
5.13::Revit 201:
Documenting Your Project in Revit MEP: Keynotes and General Notes
5.19::Ideate Software:
Revit Model Management with
Ideate BIMLink 
5.20::Revit 201:
Converting Blocks to Families & Working with 2D Content in Revit
5.25::Ideate Software:
Ideate BIMLink for Revit MEP Projects
Each class is designed to give you specific, improved results in a particular topic. You can interact with the instructor right from your own office, while eliminating travel time. Because the class schedule rotates, you can easily select your topics of interest and choose the day which best meets your schedule.

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