July 30, 2014

Rapid Revit Implementation Fast-Tracks PYATOK to Win New Business

When Oakland based architectural firm PYATOK fast-tracked Autodesk Revit implementation, opportunities expanded in the firm’s chosen market:  multi-cultural communities and multi-housing with emphasis in affordable family and senior, college and university housing, and market-rate developments throughout the western US. 

The mid-sized firm first considered the advantages of Revit for reasons many larger firms express: highest quality presentation and visualization of architectural design, and improvement in the collective understanding of design intent. 

Harrison Street Senior Housing, Oakland, CA - Rendering by PYATOK

Since adopting and implementing Revit with Ideate, Inc. as its software solutions, support, and training source, PYATOK has realized increased productivity and is winning project after project where its BIM capabilities build ever-greater success. Curtis Caton, Principal, PYATOK says, “Fast track implementation started paying off right away.”

The Summits at UC Merced
PYATOK is using Revit for visualization and presentation, collaboration and coordination, interference resolution and clash detection, automation of traditional tasks, regulating project flow, and enhanced design quality.
The firm dove deep into Revit implementation with a HUD funded senior affordable housing project, Harrison Street Senior Housing.  

A student housing project, The Summits at UC Merced, quickly followed with fast deadlines and complex deliverables. PYATOK used Ideate Support and Training extensively to help meet demands for fast-paced projects that would benefit from having the 3D model. 

The Study in Success, “Rapid Revit Implementation Fast-Tracks PYATOK to Winning New Business,” covers an array of PYATOK projects from the firm’s earliest in the Revit implementation process to the most recent. The sampling reveals how PYATOK uses Revit to:

  • overcome extreme timeline compression 
  • respond to unforeseeable project demands and major programmatic changes
  • surmount neighborhood pressures
  • adapt quickly and resolve inconsistencies 
  • diminish the risks of mistakes 
  • reduce conflicts and changes during construction
  • speed approvals processes 
  • provide quality visualizations that assist all stakeholders
  • turn the 3D model into an asset management tool
According to Matthew Bokar, Associate, Project Manager, PYATOK, “When the surrounding community and prospective residents can see what we envision, we gain buy-in and trust. We spark a new and important high level dialogue. Residents can talk about what may be happening in and around their community. We help develop vibrant, sustainable, inclusive communities. And we frame new windows of opportunity for winning more projects."

Ideate has published “Rapid Revit Implementation Fast-Tracks PYATOK to Winning New Business” online.