September 11, 2013

Why RTC, Why Europe?

We’re headed for the Revit Technology (RTC) Conference on 27-28 September 2013 and are looking forward to this inaugural European event. It’s not too late to sign up, and if you’re looking for reasons to share with the boss, here are some of the best reasons to attend:
  • You can stop by the Hague, aka the Hague Justice Portal; because we can all benefit from being in a city of “international peace and justice”.
  • Coffee prices have gone through the roof. Leaving the country will decrease office expenses. While you are there you can pick up some Delft Blue cups and switch to tea.
  • You need design inspiration and Delft has a vibrant architectural scene
  • I’ll be bringing something special from the Jersey Shore…
  • You’re contemplating cardboard as a structural material for your next project: 
  • There’s no “Paris” in Delft, so you’re bound to be more productive than you would be at AU.
  • Speaking of productivity*, we’ll be there showcasing how some of the best and brightest are leveraging the “I” in BIM with Ideate BIMLink for real productivity gains. 
  • It’s the single most efficient way to collect best practices of top BIM Managers.
We’re looking forward to connecting with our European customers and anyone else who can make it over to Delft for the first annual RTC Europe conference. Stop by our booth (#1) and be sure to bring your toughest Revit challenges to our Ideate Software team. 

* Check out your Return on Investment with the Ideate BIMLink ROI calculator

Glynnis Patterson is a registered architect and the Director of Software Development at Ideate, Inc.