March 21, 2013

COBie + Revit – The Skinny from Ideate

I enjoyed making the rounds to the COBie + Revit community in the Bay Area this week; taking the opportunity to share my recent research into this topic with design and construction professionals at the Sacramento, East Bay, and San Francisco Revit user groups. My presentation focused on where COBie requirements intersect with BIM and then specifically how the Autodesk Revit Toolkit and Ideate BIMLink support managing this information.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, here are some the links I shared during my presentation.

What is COBie?

Sample Revit Files and COBie Output

COBie Toolkit for Revit
Renaming and Renumbering, Simplified –
an Ideate BIMLink+COBie Example

Glynnis Patterson is a registered architect and the Director of Software Development at Ideate, Inc. In a previous life Glynnis spent many hours looking at blueprints with a scale, highlighters, and a scratch pad to develop detailed cost estimates.