February 4, 2013

Autodesk Exchange Apps!

In a recent class here at our Ideate Seattle office, one of our customers had requested a custom code that adds drawing tabs to their AutoCAD application. They had created this in the past to show drawing tabs at the top of the AutoCAD drawing window so their users would have an easier time switching from file to file with multiple drawings open.

What many AutoCAD users may not know, or simply may not have taken advantage of, is that the Autodesk Exchange site (built-in to AutoCAD programs) has both free and paid Apps for many of the features that users have been requesting. These add-ons are not part of the out-of-box applications, but can be easily installed onto existing products on your workstation.

One of these features just happens to be Drawing Tabs. 

Here are a few more Apps that may be of interest:
SketchUp Import (.SKP) Files

QR Codes (Converts text to a QR code in your drawing)

Screenshots (Adds a plug-in to take quick and easy screenshots of your drawing file)
DWG Compare (compares two versions of a file to display differences in the drawing area)
If you’ve never used Autodesk Exchange you can sign-in directly through the application using the blue and grey “X” in the upper right. Once you’re logged in, pick a product and you’ll be able to search through the available apps. The price ranges depend on who created the App and what it can do. Many of them are free, including the five mentioned above.

directly from AutoCAD and other Autodesk Products
Autodesk Exchange also includes Apps for additional Autodesk products. In fact, we at Ideate have two of our own programs available through Autodesk Exchange. If you’re a Revit user, look for Ideate BIMLink and Ideate Explorer for Revit.  

If you’re considering some custom code to add a feature or function to your application, check out the Autodesk Exchange site first. Chances are there may be someone out there who’s already done the work for you!

Matt Miyamoto, P.E.
Ideate AEC Application Specialist

Matt is a licensed Civil Engineer in the state of Hawaii. Matt obtained a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and has 7 years of private sector design experience which he applies in his role as an application specialist with Ideate, Inc. His project experience includes residential and commercial site development, private and public sewer, water and drainage systems, harbors improvements, and roadway improvements. While in Hawaii, Matt was involved in multidisciplinary projects for City and County agencies, State Departments, the Army COE and private developers. @MattM_PE

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