July 2, 2012

Disassemble with Care: Assemblies in Revit 2012 - Known Issue

Autodesk has identified a known issue that an Assembly created in Revit 2012 that has also been tagged will cause a “serious error” if a Disassembly is attempted. We ran into this issue recently with a customer. Here are the steps to resolve this issue in Revit 2012:
1. Find and delete all Assembly Tags. If you know the name of the tag, find it in the Project Browser, under Families>Annotation Symbols, and right-click to Select All Instances. If you have more than one type of Assembly Tag you’ll need to repeat this step for each Tag family. 
2. Select the Assemblies. You can find the Assemblies within your Project Browser towards the bottom, after the Revit Links section. For each Assembly “type” listed you can right-click, select all instances and then use the Disassemble button (on the Modify|Assemblies tab). It’s recommended that you have some other View, such as a Floor Plan View current during this part of the process because the Disassemble button doesn’t appear if you have an Assembly-related view current. If you have more than one Assembly type created you will need to repeat this step for each Type. 
2a. If you own Ideate Explorer for Revit you can short-cut steps #1 and #2 above. Ideate Explorer greatly simplifies this type of task by allowing all instances to be selected at once even if the types are different. See video.
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NOTE: This problem does not exist within Revit 2013 products. 

Glynnis Patterson is a registered architect and the Director of Software Development at Ideate, Inc. In a previous life Glynnis spent many hours looking at blueprints with a scale, highlighters, and a scratch pad to develop detailed cost estimates.