September 28, 2011

Searching for Specific Content with Ideate Explorer for Revit

Recently I spoke with a client who was wanting to search for elements within their Revit model that belonged to a level. Through the use of Ideate Explorer for Revit we were able to search in the entire project, for elements that belonged to a Level, and the search was specifically for walls. The following steps are used to find walls in the image:
  • Step 1 Indicates that you are looking in the entire Project for the element(s).
  • Step 2 Select that you want to look for items on a specific level.
  • Step 3 Indicates what is being searched for. (this can be a category, or a keyword such as the word “Brick” in a wall, window, or family name.

Once the item is selected, use the Tools menu to show where the element is located in the project. Happy searching! If you would like to make suggestions on what you would like to see in future releases of Ideate Explorer for Revit send us your ideas.

Ron Palma
AEC Solutions Application Specialist

Ron has 23+ years of experience in the AEC industry as a designer, lead project designer, trainer and CAD manager. His instructional background includes Autodesk Certified Instructor, trainer, support technician, educator at Portland Community College and Clackamas Community College, and a U.S. Army certified instructor. Follow Ron @RonPalmaAEC.

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