April 8, 2011

Import Dozens of AutoCAD Details to Autodesk Revit Software in Just Minutes with Detail Manager @adeptdev

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Have you checked out Detail Manager for Revit? You can import dozens of AutoCAD details into Autodesk Revit software in just a few minutes.

Save Time
Every time you link/import a detail with Detail Manager, all the settings and properties of the detail and its view get saved in the Detail Manager database. The next time you use that detail, all the previous settings are now the default for that detail.

Detail Manager does not add any proprietary or non-proprietary information to the detail or your model. Once a detail has been imported/linked, that detail and sheet are not dependant on Detail Manager.

Requires No Cataloging
The existing AutoCAD detail library does not have to be entered into Detail Manager to get started! Detail Manager sits right on top of your existing detail library and folder structure. New categories can be created by simply adding a new folder inside the detail library folder tree on your server, and copying the details to that folder. That’s it!

Create Typical Sheets in a Flash
Save your typical sheet groupings in Detail Manager, making your next project setup even faster. By copying your typically used details into an additional folder within your library, Detail Manager can help your team quickly select all the details needed for a specific need.

Get all the details and download a free trial at Ideate, Inc. today.

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