April 29, 2011

Adaptive Components in Revit 2012 – Where Did They Go?

Revit 2010 introduced new conceptual mass modeling tools to create “free flow” lofted, and extruded shapes and the ability to work with Level Lines and Reference Planes in a 3D environment. But the fact of the matter was, that it was limited to conceptual design.

Last year’s release of Revit (Revit 2011), introduced a new family template called an adaptive component. This family template allowed users to create a new family type that was not a conceptual mass, but could be embedded into a conceptual mass, or an in-place mass. It was still considered a conceptual design family, but if you wanted to report it as another Revit category type such as furniture, site objects, or plumbing fixtures, it HAD to be imported into an in-place mass.

This year’s release of Revit (Revit 2012) the adaptive component is gone. They took it out of the program... actually, it has really been re-designated as a Generic Model Adaptive family. This new family type give you the unique modeling format found only in the conceptual mass template with the same type of lofting toolset. The advantage this year though is that we can change the category the family is assigned to through the Family Category and Parameters tool. So the ability of creating very unique families with free flowing curves and shapes, such as sofas, toilets, and curtains, can now be created using this new template.

I know a few customers who will be ecstatic about this! Have fun modeling!

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Ron Palma
AEC Solutions Application Specialist

Ron has 23+ years of experience in the AEC industry as a designer, lead project designer, trainer and CAD manager. His instructional background includes Autodesk Certified Instructor, trainer, support technician, educator at Portland Community College and Clackamas Community College, and a U.S. Army certified instructor. Follow Ron @RonPalmaAEC.

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