January 13, 2011

Autodesk Revit Tip - Using @IdeateExplorer for Revit with Model Check

Q: Any good tips for using Autodesk Revit Model Review or good examples on creating new search inquires using various parameters? Seems like it would take a lot time to explore the add-on, to be able to do some useful stuff with it.

A: Autodesk Revit Model Review is divided into two parts: Check and Manage. At Ideate, Inc., we've been studying both tools for some time now, looking for a way to integrate it into our Revit Health Check service. The promise of Revit Model Review was very appealing - something that would let us dig quickly through a Revit project and hopefully highlight some potential issues before they caused a problem. We have found some value in it, and use a highly modified version of it for our Revit Health Checks. The checks we find useful are the Cleanup, Visibility, and under Standards we like the Elements and Group lists.

The biggest advantage of Revit Model Check is that it’s modeless, meaning you can keep it open while you address some of the issues. However, it is pretty slow if you have a lot of checks and we found it difficult to customize to suit our needs.

We use Revit Model Review in conjunction with Review Warnings and Ideate Explorer for Revit to help us perform our Revit Health Checks. I recommend that you build an abridged version of the Firm Standards - Extended and included only the checks you find valuable, starting with Cleanup and Visibility checks.

- Glynnis Patterson, N.C.A.R.B, Director of Services

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