November 19, 2010

What have you been missing? See AutoCAD 2011 in action

What are you missing if you’re not using AutoCAD® 2011 software? With the help of exciting new enhancements and more powerful features, exploring and documenting your ideas has never been so easy or efficient.

  • Improve drafting efficiency with more hatch options - watch now
  • Slash design revision time with new parametric drawing tools - watch now
  • How to gain more control over drawings with new transparency settings - watch now
  • Easily edit polylines with direct manipulation of grips - watch now

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With new and more powerful ways to shape the world around you, AutoCAD® 2011 is the tool of choice for design and drafting professionals around the world.
  • Explore design ideas in both 2D and 3D with intuitive CAD tools
  • Communicate critical design data securely, efficiently and accurately
  • Customize AutoCAD to your needs with thousands of available add-ons

See what you’re missing out on if you’re still using a previous version of AutoCAD software. Download your free AutoCAD 2011 software trial.

It’s time. If you’re still working on AutoCAD 2007 or earlier versions of AutoCAD software, now’s the time to get up to speed. Not only will you avoid the compatibility issues that slow your projects down, but you could also save up to 35% if you switch by January 14, 2011. So don’t wait – make your move to AutoCAD 2011 software today.

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