November 30, 2010

Make Your Revit Model Excel! Ideate BIMLink Debuts at #AU2010 Booth 609

Ideate, Inc. is pleased to announce Ideate BIMLink, an application for Autodesk Revit software.

Push. Pull. Power.
Ideate BIMLink creates a link between Revit and the industry standard data solution, Microsoft® Excel®. Pull Building Information Modeling (BIM) information from a Revit file into Excel and push Excel data back into Revit with equal ease. Get unprecedented access to BIM data!

What does this mean for you? Now you can:
  • Externalize data in your Revit model that used to be out of reach to non-Revit users
  • Reach data that Revit hides, including phase and design option data.
  • Update volumes of data following external and internal changes, while maintaining linked relationships
  • Clean up your templates by reviewing all parameter values (like Type Name and Type Mark) even while no instances exist
  • Push calculated data such as occupancy loads, duct and pipe lengths, or beam cut lengths, into your tags
  • Streamline your Quality Control processes by controlling family and project-based parameters
  • Instead of editing manually within Revit, use automated Excel capabilities to save time and prevent errors

Wow, we could go on, but if you’re ready to learn more…

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Push. Pull. Power.