September 3, 2010

Course Highlight: Revit Architecture Beyond the Basics

You have already completed an Autodesk Revit Architecture Fundamentals course, have experience using Revit Architecture and a strong background in architectural design, drafting or engineering.

What's the next step to build your skill set, your professional tool kit?

Revit Architecture Beyond the Basics
A 2-day class that covers a wide range of advanced topics in Autodesk Revit Architecture, building on the concepts introduced in a Revit Architecture Fundamentals course. You will learn about site design, advanced rendering techniques, phasing and design options, how to create families of custom components, and how to collaborate on a design. Both imperial and metric hands-on exercises represent real-world design scenarios.

Courses are taught at our Autodesk Authorized Training Centers by the Ideate Tech Experts, Autodesk 2011 Certified Professionals.

Click here for the complete course outline, or here for upcoming dates and registration information.

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