June 25, 2015

Our Client KAVA MASSIH ARCHITECTS Completed Two Impressive Renovations!


They converted this single-story brick warehouse in Emeryville into a two-story self-storage facility for City Storage of San Francisco, retaining the brick shell but completely gutting the interior and adding a new steel framed structure. Behind the brick they added a new concrete wall that extends above the brick walls to accommodate the new second floor. Folded Corten panels designed by local artisan, Melissa MacDonald cover the exposed concrete and make a distinctive pattern around the top of the building. They added a partial third floor for a 2-bedroom managers unit. A tenant space at the corner of the building will be a home to a new bar/restaurant (currently under construction).

Owner: City Storage
Contractor: Huff Construction
Completion: January 2015 


Both the interior and exterior of this 2,600 sq. ft. single story building were in need of repair and upgrades. Within the limits of a small budget they were able to completely transform the building, giving SVS Group a contemporary office space with a rustic “Loft” feel. In order to open up the interior, they removed the dropped ceiling to expose the existing roof joists. Natural light was brought into the space with the addition of skylights. A blackened steel and glass façade with a custom steel sunshade marks the doorway to the office. The scope of work included a new lobby with a custom built reception desk, two conference rooms, open office space and three private offices.

Owner: SVS Group
Contractor: Guilkey Construction
Completion: April 2015

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