August 30, 2013

Revit Best Practices, from the Factory

Autodesk recently updated their Revit Model Performance Technical Note for version 2014. This document contains a wealth of information related to optimizing Revit files and is highly recommended for all BIM Managers who are using Revit.

Here’s just one example, that can be found under the “Revit Model Optimization and Best Practices” section.

Ideate Explorer for Revit can be used to find Arrays and other problem areas, as shown.

Use Ideate Explorer to select all your Arrays at once and then use the ungroup option as recommended by Autodesk for improved performance. You can find “Revit 2014 Model Performance Technical Note” and other Revit-related white papers on our website.

Glynnis Patterson is a registered architect and the Director of Software Development at Ideate, Inc.