August 15, 2012

Civil 3D 2013 Pressure Network Parts – Part 2

To quickly recap our situation (Part 1), the new Pressure Pipe Networks use .SQLITE files along with the folders containing drawing information for the network components. Adding information to these SQLITE files requires the use of two new commands and the new Content Catalog Editor application that comes with Civil 3D 2013.

In our last Pressure Network Parts article, we discussed the two new commands in Civil 3D 2013 that help users create custom defined Pressure Network Parts from AutoCAD 3D Solids. In today’s article we take a look at the Content Catalog Editor application that is used to import the new part into the .SQLITE database.

The Content Catalog Editor is an external application that comes with Civil 3D 2013 and can be launched from the Windows Start Menu (Start → All Programs → Autodesk → AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 → Content Catalog Editor). This application imports the .CONTENT file created in our first article and saves that to the .SQLITE catalog file containing the Pressure Network Parts.

NOTE: This does not automatically add the new part to existing Part Lists in Civil 3D. The new part must be added to your Part List before you will be able to use that part in a drawing.

Here’s the breakdown on how to Import the .CONTENT file to your .SQLITE catalog file.

Launch the Content Catalog Editor application (Start → All Programs → Autodesk → AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 → Content Catalog Editor) 

Open the existing .SQLITE file you want to add the new part to (we recommend creating a copy of the original .SQLITE file as a backup prior to making any changes).

Click Import Part

Follow the instructions in the Import Part Dialog to select the .CONTENT File, and set parameters for Part Type, Properties and Connection Points

On the last page of the dialog Click Finish, then verify that your new part has been added to the catalog and Save the modified .SQLITE File using the Content Catalog Editor

Once the .SQLITE file has been saved with the new content added, launch Civil 3D and use the Settings tab of the Toolspace to add the new part to your Pressure Network Parts list. From there, you’ll be able to select the part when working on Pressure Network designs.

Matt Miyamoto, P.E.
Ideate AEC Application Specialist

Matt is a licensed Civil Engineer in the state of Hawaii. Matt obtained a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and has 7 years of private sector design experience which he applies in his role as an application specialist with Ideate, Inc. His project experience includes residential and commercial site development, private and public sewer, water and drainage systems, harbors improvements, and roadway improvements. While in Hawaii, Matt was involved in multidisciplinary projects for City and County agencies, State Departments, the Army COE and private developers. @MattM_PE

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