November 7, 2011

Revit Architecture and Furniture in a Reflected Ceiling Plan

Question: In Revit Architecture, How do we turn on Furniture and display it in a dashed line type in a Reflected Ceiling Plan? This is to co-ordinate lighting with furniture locations.
Answer: Here’s one of the ways this can be done, Steps as follows:
  • In the Reflected Ceiling Plan, Set ‘Underlay’ to the respective Floor Plan
  • Then change the ‘Underlay Orientation’ to ‘Plan’
  • Now the floor plan that has the furniture will display
  • To display the furniture ‘dashed,’ Override the underlay line pattern from under Manage>Additional settings>Halftone/Underlay

Shruti Harve,

LEED AP, AEC Solutions Application Specialist

Shruti holds a Master of Science degree in Architectural Computing from University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom and is LEED accredited. Her experience includes working in Architecture and Construction firms in India and the United Kingdom as well as Structural Engineering firms in the Bay Area providing design, 3D modeling and drafting services. At Ideate, Shruti provides training and support for Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, 3ds Max, Ecotect and AutoCAD Architecture.

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