October 19, 2011

Get a Sneak Peek at Future Functionality for AutoCAD!

This is a special invitation for Autodesk customers in the San Jose area. Join the AutoCAD User Experience team to test drive some new, in-progress AutoCAD functionality, and share your feedback and suggestions. This Sneak Peek highlights new features for people who work on AutoCAD from multiple computers or different locations – such as using different workstations, or switching between the office, home, or working out in the field. CAD Managers and day-to-day AutoCAD users of all levels are welcome to attend. 

This free, three-hour event is coming up in San Jose on October 27th. There is a morning and afternoon session available. Participants will receive a $50 gift card and small gift as a thank-you for their time. 

To sign up, please take this brief survey so we know your user profile. Seats are limited and we can’t guarantee a spot to everyone who fills out the survey. We’ll confirm your event registration by email. 

If you have questions or want to learn more about the events before signing up, contact Shari Nemerovski, shari.nemerovski@autodesk.com.