August 30, 2010

Be Heard! AutoCAD Product Design and Usability Event

If you are located in the San Francisco, Sacramento or Seattle areas, you have a rare opportunity to test drive some new features that may appear in a future version of AutoCAD and give your feedback.

The AutoCAD User Experience team, in conjunction with Ideate, Inc. would like to invite you to join them for a sneak peek and test drive of a future version of AutoCAD. Members of the AutoCAD team will be there to introduce you to new and enhanced AutoCAD features.
Interested in attending an event in San Francisco, Sacramento or Seattle? Here’s what Autodesk is looking for:
• Day to day users of AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT
• Users proficient in 2D drafting
• Users familiar with or proficient in 3D modeling
• All levels – beginning to advanced

In a casual focus group style, the AutoCAD team wants to let you try out some in-progress features and ask for your input as they solidify their ideas for an upcoming release. They’ll include time at the end of the session for general feedback and they’ll be happy to discuss any issues or wish list items with you at that time. Your input is critical in shaping the future of AutoCAD and the AutoCAD team depends on and values your ideas. After this session the design team will make key decisions based on your input.

Seats are limited, so please take this brief survey so we know your user profile.

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